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 Kodo tag bot

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PostSubject: Kodo tag bot   Fri Apr 10, 2015 3:22 pm

as i saw the kodo tag map on the bot is outdated so any player can ruin the game by just spamming footmen cause as long as 1 footy is alife all kodos will ignore players.

I searched for newer versions even 2 years ago but today i did a new search cause of a lan party tomorrow and I was so happy that i found a newer version from the original creator of the map
version 6.2:
no more footys
special resurce needed for higher upgrades which requires kodos to be killed to gain it
different modes at start.
I am a long fan of the kodo tag maps and i have also found several shit versions which have been made of anyone who copied the map and just added workers for 10gold or some very stupid other shit like a armoured car transporter which is ignored by all kodos.
The version I mentioned above has none of this stupidity features and it is also really hard.
but i love the map and hope you test it and then decide which kodo tag map is your favourite

posted in offtoppic cause i not had the rights to post it somewhere else and I was not motivated to register.
and cause of the guest's can't post links rule i had to edit the link a bit
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Kodo tag bot
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