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 Rules to Follow

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PostSubject: Rules to Follow   Thu Jul 18, 2013 4:09 am

Clan Rules are to be follow by all. No Exceptions!

  • Players will be muted if they are insulting other players, or spamming chat log (Admins must warn before muting).


  • Line Stealing (must be evident that player called first. If said player is on the other team, ask another player to confirm).

  • Item Stealing (If player takes items from creeps that they clearly did not kill)

  • Any player purposely blocking lane, or anything to prevent other team from major experience will be kicked immediately.

  • If a player is afk early in game, can kick before first duel.

  • Feeding on purpose

Ban: (All bans must state reason)

  • Using glitches such as abusing Sir Gregory's Ulti or eating shops with Green Eye.

  • Sharing bought items. Both the person dropping and the person picking the items up will be banned.

  • Leaving before dying, during duel, or right before duel.

  • Leaving in the beginning of the game, or leaving at a time that would hurt your team. (ex. Leaving when you're the only player on your team with Aura)

  • Purposely pulling down Magnotaurs to not allow other players to gain experience in early stages of the game. (Before 10 min. mark)

  • Spamming True Gem teleport on players.

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Rules to Follow
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